games & game writing

my first published ttrpg, developed for the #fishblade2023 jam. a gmless zero prep game for 2-6+ people (& a section on solo variants) that uses the rules of go fish & a series of generative tables to get you playing immediately as high tech dystopian gig economy adjacent freelance criminals for hire.

zine-o-map vs. mini-adventure: 35 beautiful OSR-style maps & an accompanying zine of system-agnostic ~400 word adventures. 224% funded on crowdfundr in feb 2022. the maps are by david glass & all of the writing is by myself, jess levine, & rhiannon daly

design consult credits

design consultation is a dreamy opportunity to channel my obsession with ttrpg mechanics & game philosophy into conversations with people about their work that help them narrow in on what they’re trying to do & say with the rules of their game.

i contributed to jess levine’s i have the high ground & going rogue 2e. when reviewers noted her impeccable inclusion of tips & advice to players, she graciously said on twitter “i want to note that having [satah] as a design consultant on both helps drives this—satah is GREAT at identifying player pain points & challenging me to write notes that help players navigate the game-as-played. i am very proud to have widely applicable tips, examples, and designer’s notes labeled as my “calling card” because i believe they’re vital to player experience & im proud of how i write them, but it’s been so crucial how satah’s critical eye has repeatedly prompted me to do so.”

related podcast appearances

character creation cast, july 2022, with i have the high ground designer jess levine